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While hunting various op shops and vintage markets around Melbourne, I met a couple who bought absolutely everything at my favourite vintage market place in Brunswick.

“Are you guys decking our your crib?” I ask.

“No, we run a photo booth hire business” they replied.

We exchanged details and a week later they were kind enough to invite me over to to take a look at their impressive collection of props over coffee. What a great reason to own all the cool things that you stumble upon at all the vintage markets you frequent.

Jenna and Will owned Mobooth, Photo Booth Hire Melbourne. They initially started a wedding video business in 2012 before they started offering a Slow Motion Booth Service. Eventually, they decided that this was too much fun and began offering photobooth services in Melbourne.

Laura & Al’s Slow Mo Booth Wedding from MoBooth on Vimeo.

Jenna was very enthusiastic to show me all the various handmade backdrops they she had hidden around the place. She says she often customises them and even builds sets for their corporate clients and they want to start offering this service to brides and groom but she’s yet to get any enquiries.

I was fascinated at their photo booth. I could not believe that they had hand build it themselves in Melbourne, they said they don’t normally offer to show people the inside of their booths as it often took away the mystique but being a photography enthusiast, I just had to take a peek. They really did take pride in their product, as inside it they had modern touch screen, a canon dslr with a fast zoom lens, a flash strobe specifically imported from the united states, a special photo strip printer which they claim can print in and cut strips in less than 12 seconds all controlled through a tiny computer that was designed by Will.

When I got home that night, I couldn’t help myself but to gather all the bits and pieces I had lying around my workshop and I took the pictures with my phone and shot them across to MoBooth. They offered to buy all of it because owning all the props was the funnest part of the photo booth experience and they wanted to make sure that they keep true to their word that they had the best arsenal of props in Melbourne.

Photo Booths have been quite popular at weddings for quite some time now, in fact I’m a collector of various photo strips at all the events I attend featuring a booth. They come in various shapes and sizes, but traditionally closed booths were popular in the beginning and they usually fit around three to five people. MoBooth provides open photo booths, which can take group shots of up to fifteen people depending on the space. Jenna explained that open booths are more popular now as they can fit more people and can have custom backdrops so that each experience is unique.

Open Photobooths

Guest would first choose props from a prop box customised for the event, they then line up to take their photo and when it’s finally their turn to the a photo, they choose from a touch screen the option of black & white before posing for their photos. Each event comes with unlimited prints so they can take as many as they want depending on how quickly they can pose and for their strips to get printed.

Cool Prints

I noticed that MoBooth also collected vintage cameras and had one of those beautiful antique kodak cameras from the 1920s. They had converted one and put a canon DSLR camera inside it and said that this was going to be a new offering in their new venture, Vintage Booth. I wasn’t able to see it in action as they are doing test but it would be a great addition to their already growing photobooth empire.


Michelle’s Dream Boat Wedding

I met Michelle back at yoga class in 2013 and for a short period of time, we were yoga buddies. When she found out that I was a stylist so she’d talk often talk about her dream wedding. She wanted something relaxed with the ceremony at a nice quiet spot under the shade and her husband Dan in sandals. Followed by a photography session during sun set where as she would describe, her favourite time of day that is magic hour where she first met Dan. I thought this was a beautiful story.


I hadn’t seen her for a while until out of the blue, she called me and told me that Dan had proposed to her before their planned three month holiday to Europe. They were going to have their engagement party the night before their wedding and she needed my help to get things organised quickly. Michelle sure didn’t mess around.

It was a spectacular wedding and although Michelle wanted something very minimalist, I think we were able to put something together that is both classy and minimalist. Enough to know that you’re attending a wedding and enough to feel that you’re having a ball out on an island. Initially Michelle wanted to have a boat wedding but due to time constraints, she wasn’t able to get it together in time so instead they opted for an elegant island wedding.



We travelled by boat around 2pm, a quick ceremony at 3pm, a photo shoot at 4pm, followed by dinner and dancing till 10pm. On the boat ride back, Dan and his groomsman surprised Michelle with a dance routine inspired by Channing Tatum in Magic Mike. Everyone had a ball.

You would’ve thought that the ride home would mark the end of the wedding, but no the boat ride home was absolutely my favourite part of the day. Michelle and Dan had forgotten to throw the bouquet, so an impromptu bouquet throw which everyone thought would end in disaster ended up being totally hilarious. The women were fierce and jumped on top of each other and wanted to grab the bouquet at any cost but sure enough, it was the maid of honour Claire who caught it. She had mentioned it earlier in the day that she was going to catch it and made a little bit of rivalry between all the contenders.


Congratulations Michelle and Dan and thank you for letting me share this beautiful, hilarious and relaxed day with you. Enjoy your much deserved holiday to Europe and god bless you. Dan, you both are amazing dancers and among all the weddings I’ve had the privilege to attend and style, yours by far had the best bridal waltz. Another spectacular wedding that we were able to celebrate in style.

If you’re interested in hiring me to style your event, feel free to contact me.

Midyear Resolution and new website

I didn’t really get a chance to make any new year resolutions this year yet alone keep them.

I dove straight into 2015 without really planning what I was going to do and now that winter is finally here, I managed to have some down time to sip on a nice cuppa and begin my a midyear resolution.

So there’s the usual resolutions like spending more time with my family and children, be more consistent with going to the gym, make more time to meet with friends and declutter around the house and my life in general.

I’ve also decided to make a midyear resolution that is updating my blog. So as you’ve probably noticed, my blog has now been updated and features a brand new design with the new help of my computer whiz nephew Jason.

While it was fun to design my own website on Wix, it is now time to graduate to running my blog full time on WordPress. So far, it has been a fun experience and within the next few weeks, I will be updating the blog with images of my styling and updating my blog with my styling adventures in Melbourne.


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