6 Reasons Why You Should Brew Your Own Beer

There’s nothing better than a cold beer at the end of the day. Whether it’s at home while watching your favourite TV show or out with friends at the local pub, a beer is the perfect way to distress and soothe your nerves. We Australians love our beer and so it’s really no surprise that a lot of people here have started brewing their own. For one thing, it’s a really fun and quite relaxing way to pass the time.

So, if you too are on the fence of giving home-brewing a try, here are a few reasons to give you the push you need:

It’s Fun

Brewing is just a really fun DIY project. It’s a great way to spend your free time and you can either do it alone or with a close friend. It’s easy to get started too. All you need is a good starter kit like the ones you can purchase from Australian Home Brewing and you’re good to go.

You’ll Gain a Deep Appreciation for the Art

Usually, when we’re sipping our beers, we rarely think about how it’s made. However, when you start brewing and you begin to learn and understand the process that goes into making a glass of beer, you’ll be thinking about a lot. Every time you have a glass of beer in a pub that you enjoy, you may start to wonder how you can replicate it at home.

You’ll Develop Your Palate

When you spend a lot of time experimenting with different brews, you’ll eventually end up training yourself to pick out flavours better. Once you’re able to this, you could have more fine trying out nuanced methods to try and bring out unique flavours that you’ve never tried before.

You Can Save Money

If you love drinking beer, then you probably spend a lot on cans and bottles every week. These expenses can add up, leaving a giant hole in your wallet at the end of each month. Hence, it can be so much cheaper to brew your own beer in the long run.

‘What about social drinking?’ you may ask. You could always invite your friends and family to try out your home-brewed beer. Hangouts at your own place can sometimes be better than going out to a pub or club. You can make sure that your guests are very comfortable by having control of the seating, music volume, lighting…etc.

You Can Make New Friends

Beer-brewing is becoming a very popular hobby across all of Australia. Hence once you start you have the opportunity to enter a unique new community and make a lot of new friends who have the same interests as you.

You Can Go Crazy with It

Don a laboratory coat and a pair of thick glasses because here’s your chance to play mad scientist. You could try experimenting with combinations of flavours that are unheard of and create something truly unique.

If you’re a beer aficionado, then the next logical step is to brew your own. If you’re still just considering it, here are six great reasons for you to go for it!

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