A Guy’s Guide to Planning the Perfect Date

Planning the perfect date is very important. It’ll help you make the best first impression. That’s why you need this article as we’ll be running through the best things that can make your date special.

Dress the Part

To have the perfect first date, you need to dress well. By dressing magnificently, you make the best impression possible. If you can’t find anything to wear, don’t be shy to borrow or buy some new outfits.

You should look dapper, bringing out the best part of you.

Dressing well means you should smell great as well. Pick out your best perfume and go to town. Once again, if you don’t have one you can buy it easily.

Be Confident

Being confident is very important. If you’re not, your date would find it uncomfortable to associate with you. If you’re not the most confident person, you’ll have to fake it to make it.

Don’t be afraid as this is easy to do. All you do is bring out a persona, acting like him. This will trick your mind into going with the flow, getting rid of any nerves you have.

Find the Best Restaurant

You need to find the best restaurant if you want to have a perfect date. You can do this by asking your loved ones as they’ll surely have a few recommendations for you.

If not for this, the internet is your friend. You can easily get a hold of a few establishments online. Ensure it has great food and a romantic ambience- Names like Edgewater fit the bill.

If you find none of these interesting, you can have the date at your home. A home cooked meal is very romantic. However, you need to make sure you don’t mess it up as this is very easy to do.

Get Her Something

To make her feel special, getting her something would be a good move. This can either be a box of roses or flowers. The gift depends on your budget, so if you want, you can go to town.

That being said, splurging too much on her may be creepy as you barely know her.

Be Polite

It’s very important that you’re as polite as possible. Hopefully, you don’t have a temper. If you snap at her or anyone at the restaurant, you’ll leave a lasting impression. And unfortunately, it’s an impression we don’t want.

Be a Gentleman

Being polite is a part of being a gentleman. The other is being kind. By being kind to her and everyone around, you should your date that you’re the perfect man to be in a relationship with.

How Are Your Communicating Skills?

For the date to go well, being good at communicating is a must. You two need to have riveting conversations which is why you need to polish up your talking skills.

You shouldn’t talk too much. If you do, she’ll find you off putting as you never let her talk about herself.

Considering everything mentioned, this article ran through the many things that would make your night perfect. That’s why you should keep in mind everything noted.


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