Extraordinary Ways to Make Your Wedding Extravagantly Memorable

If you have the means, and you have the want, an extravagant wedding is never a bad idea. Here are a few tips to help you make that happen…


Exclusive Parties Are All the Rage

One of the best ways to make a party successful, small budgeted, or even memorable is by keeping the guest list exclusive. Rather than a large affair where you invite everyone you’ve met, make your wedding an exclusive affair. Even celebrities follow this trend; having their wedding in a secret location with a selected crowd stirring up everyone’s curiosity. Following this tip not only makes it easier for you to make sure the quality of your party is held at a high level, it also makes your invitees feel special about being invited to an exclusive event.

Make the Reception Venue Unforgettable

Now that you have made the invitation list smaller, taking the entire wedding party for a destination wedding is not going to be impossible. However, in order to make your wedding truly extravagant and unforgettable, do your best to make this destination an extraordinary one. If you’ve always dreamt of a beach wedding, we’re not stopping you from having one. However, have your reception on a cruise¾riding the waves at sunset. For the right price, you can easily obtain a wedding reception cruise Melbourne based to suit your needs.


A Dress from the Fairy-Tale

One of the main things spoken about at any given wedding would be related to the bride. This is particularly true when it comes to the bride’s dress. Take your time selecting the design. If possible, avoid getting it off the rack, and opt instead for a dress tailor made to fit the shape of your body. This is what will give it that fairy-tale touch in the end. And while we understand that a white dress is what most brides’ dream of, it’s also vital that you choose a colour that makes your skin glow, and not dull it out…

All Accessories of the Wedding Lead to the Bride

Make sure the bride is at the centre of attention; at all times. Whether it is in how you’re planning out the decoration, or where to place the live band, always make sure that the bride and groom are on centre stage. Even accessories like the alter decorations and even the bride’s bouquet should work to showcase the bride in the best light possible.


Food; None Negotiable Memory Makers

If there is one part of your wedding planning that you need to pay ultimate attention to in order to make it un-doubtfully memorable, then it is the food that you serve at your reception. For sure, they will talk about how pretty the bride was, how happy the couple was, how extravagant the venue was…but they will definitely crab about the food. Don’t let this happen; making your menu unforgettable in its taste and extravagance.

The Final Token to Remember Your Special Day

You might be thinking that all of the above will be sufficient enough to keep your special day’s memory fresh forever in the minds of your invitees but you’d be surprised at how choosy the human mind can be. To give it a little nudge, give your guests something to take back home. Make it as extravagant as your wedding…keep up with the theme until the end.

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