Factors To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Veil

Choosing a wedding veil should be done after you have decided on a wedding dress. It should not be the other way around since your wedding veil, although an important piece of your ensemble is still considered to be an accessory to your wedding dress. It should complete your look, not dictates as to what your wedding dress should be.

Your wedding dress should be the first factor you have to consider when choosing a wedding veil. Aside from the dress, there are several factors you have to consider to ensure that your wedding veil enhances your look instead of clashing with your dress.

Certain Veils Go With Certain Wedding Dresses

There really is no specific or definite rule that this type of veil would only go with this type of wedding dress but certain types of veils look better on specific kind of wedding dress. Even if this is the case, it is recommended that you do not pair Madame Tulle chapel length veils with a short dress. The lengthy veil would just detract from the dress. Remember, short dress, short veil.

Length Of The Veil

Since we already know that a short dress should be paired with a short veil, how long should a veil be if a bride is wearing a long dress? There are brides who pair a long dress with a short veil (birdcage veil, blusher wedding veil, shoulder length wedding veil) especially if the wedding dress has an intricate design at the back which would be covered if the veil is too long. If you are still uncertain with the length of the veil, the rule of the thumb is that the veil should flow with the dress. If it is too short, the movement of the look would be abrupt and if it is too long, the flow would look endless.

The Venue For Your Wedding

There are veils called Chapel length veils and Cathedral length veils. From the name itself, these veils are best used for weddings held in chapels or cathedrals. Cathedral length veils are grander than that of Chapel length veils which is used for more intimate weddings. If you would have your wedding outside in a garden or on the beach, you also have to consider whether your veil would look out of place in an outside setting or worst, if you chose a veil that is too delicate or wispy; you might have the latter part of your wedding ceremony sans the veil that was windswept.

Hair Accessories

Brides with embellished veils should skip on the hair accessories to keep it from looking overwhelming. If you have a hair accessory that you really must use i.e. an heirloom or it is your something borrowed or something blue, opt for a veil that is simpler and without any adornment to highlight the hair accessory especially if it is a significant one.

These are just some of the factors that you have to consider when choosing a wedding veil. If possible, buy the wedding dress and the wedding veil from the same store so you could try on both and see if they are complimenting or clashing one another.

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