How to Be A Great Maid of Honour

Being asked to become a maid of honour at a wedding is a very special deal and we hope that every one of you gets to experience this privilege at least once in your life. Keep your friends in your good books and you just might.

Being a maid of honour is a special thing so if you’re blessed enough to be given this role at a wedding, we have some tips to hold you over and prepare you for your role. A maid of honour is somebody that offers maximum support to the bride and functions as her right-hand man during the planning of the event.

If you’ve been asked to be a maid of honour for a wedding of a close friend or a family member, these tips that we have mentioned below will definitely help you understand and fit into your role as a maid of honour in a better fashion.

Support, Support & Support!

As a maid of honour, the best thing that you can do is to support the bride with anything and everything that she needs during the party planning process. If this means taking some of the responsibility off her shoulders or simply ordering around the party planners on her behalf, you should do it because this is exactly what is expected of you.

Aside from the planning chores, you should always offer her emotional support. The months leading up to a wedding can be stressful and during this time your bride is going to be relying heavily on you for emotional support.

The Bachelorette Party

Regardless of whether you want to book out a venue and let their limo service escort you there, the bachelorette party is also an extremely crucial part of your duties as a maid of honour.

However, it is always important to talk with the bride and ask her the preference for a bachelorette party. Maybe she might want something low key or she might want a party with tons of fun things happening and booze so it is always good to have a word with the bride prior to organizing the whole ordeal.

The bachelorette party is truly your chance to show your friend your appreciation.

Maid of Honour Speech

This is your one true time to blow this out of the park and really make yourself known during the whole event. The maid of honour speech is very special as by this time, everybody will be listening in to hear the jokes, the memories that you share with the bride and all sorts of fun things so your speech should be nothing short of amazing.

If you don’t want to bombard the bride with emotional talk, we suggest alternating between reminiscing on memories and cracking a joke or two during the speech to balance out the whole speech. The speech is a crucial part of your duties as a maid of honour so this is definitely something you should take seriously and do well.

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