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How to Make Your Own Music?

Making music is one of the popular hobbies of people across the globe. In fact, there are lots of talented musicians out there who share their music on different venues online. If you’re one of those people who love to share your art to the world, here’s a simple beginner’s guide on how to make your music.

Listen to a Variety of Music

Listening to lots of music gives you different ideas when it comes to creating the sound that you want. Try listening to different genres of music – pop, rock, indie, classical and other more types. The more music you listen to, the more creative you become in making your own music. Also, it is best to listen to a variety of artists. Usually when you listen to just a few sets of artists, your music ends up sounding like theirs. Creativity and uniqueness are essential to give a personal touch to music you create.

Look for Beats

If you’re ready to create your music, the next step to do is to find beats that you could use for recording. There are plenty of ways to acquire beats – some are lucky to have a friend who makes beats. You can also find some good ones on online hosting sites. You may also try leasing beats as a budget-friendly option. Just note that when leasing a beat, see to it that you get a separated track with superb audio quality before recording over it. When recording, be sure to do it on WAV format to get the highest quality possible. Aside from great quality vocals, see to it that you have the cleanest instrumental to be used on your final recording.

Write It

The next step after finding beats is to compose the lyrics. You can do this the old-fashioned way by writing it down on a notebook or a notepad. You may also do it on your phone since most likely you have this on you. You may record your ideas or simply type and save your song on your phone. Musical inspiration comes at odd times like when you’re in the bathroom, driving, walking or simply doing activities other than writing your music. No matter how short or long a melody or line on your mind, just record it. You’ll definitely find these ideas handy later on.

Mix and Master

Finding a mixing engineer is the best way to make your music sound at its best. Be sure to have crisp copies of the beats you want, the vocals and instrumentals for your music and they will be the one to blend it all in a harmonious piece. Visit Melbourne’s finest mixing and mastering studio to help you achieve your best quality music ever.


When you already have your song, share it with relatives or friend first and ask for their feedback regarding it. Don’t be afraid of criticisms because they help a lot in making your music better. Then, re-record your track after considering all the feedback you received.

Making music is fun and smooth as long as you know these essential steps. Bring out the musician in you by going through this simply guide.

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