How to Plan a Wedding at a Golf Course

Are you thinking about having your wedding at a golf course? It is in fact a very popular wedding venue as it allows for a bright and airy wedding that will also feel refreshing in the open air. However there are certain aspects of having a wedding of this sort that you need to consider if you are to make sure that your big day goes as planned. Here are some great ways in which you can ensure just that.

How Will It Help You Cut Down Expenses?

Sometimes you may have to get a specific venue for the ceremony which will cost you a lot more and then move the reception to a different venue that will be cheaper. With a golf course as your venue, you can actually just carry on both these at the same place and therefore save yourself and your guests the hassle and the time as well as the money. Therefore you can move on smoothly from your ceremony to your reception without any of the additional stress.

How About the View?

One of the other factors that you should think about is getting a good view. If you are going to be holding your wedding outdoors you might as well pick a venue with a great location. Look for golf courses Mornington Peninsula and the likes that come with a fantastic view along with their perfectly manicured greens as well. This will help to transform your wedding and you will be able to have a great time while your guests enjoy the vista around.

How Will The Reception Be Held?

You also need to think about the conditions under which the wedding reception will be held. This is an outdoor party unless you are planning on moving the reception indoors to the club. If that is the case, it is important that you know about the forecast on the weather unless you want your wedding cake dissolving in the rain. If you are going to have an outdoor wedding don’t ever pick the moths that usually bring in the rain. Always look for the dry season and also make sure that you try and avoid the time of the year when there are most games happening. This way you will not be disturbed and you will not disturb a game either.


Because you are having an open air themed wedding you need not do a lot of extravagant decorations. The nature around and the ambiance can be more than enough actually if you really think about it. However using things like fresh flowers and little hand crafted centrepieces on the tables can help you add to the beauty of the occasion. Try and keep it simple and chic and there will always be a lot that you can do with the greenery around as well. Even when it comes to serving food, you can be tasteful with it using fresh flowers to garnish the dishes. These helpful tips will come in handy and help you get started on your wedding on a golf course with ease.

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