How to Plan for A Wedding

Walking down the aisle with the person you’d like to spend the rest of your life with, is likely one of the best feelings you can ever experience in your life. But before you start your own family, you have to be ready for it, and most importantly, keep in mind that it’s a lifetime commitment. Did you just got engage and not sure where to start?

Planning a wedding isn’t a walk in the park. Sometimes, even if you have a year to prepare, it seems like it’s still not enough. Try to focus on one task at a time so you won’t feel overwhelmed. Don’t be shy to ask for help from your family and closest friends. And to help you plan your dream wedding, here’s a guide you can consider.

Set a Budget

Your wedding doesn’t have to be the grandest. You can have a simple yet intimate wedding ceremony. But of course, no matter how simple it is, you need to have a budget for it. Decide how much you’re willing to spend. It may not be the easiest task to do when planning a wedding, but you really have to do it first.

Look for a Venue

Look for a venue for your wedding ceremony and reception. There’s a lot to consider when choosing one like if there’s an available parking space for your guests, accessibility, etc. Book it in advance to reserve your slot. But before you do, read online reviews and visit it in person.

Plan Your Guest List

Come up with an estimated guest count, so before you get too excited browsing for wedding venues and receptions, you will have an idea of how many guests will attend. Finalize your guest list. If your parents will shoulder half of your expenses, then allow them to invite their own guests, too. Send the invitations in advance, so your guests can plan properly.

Hire a Wedding Car

Hire a wedding car for your special day particularly if you don’t have your own car that you can use. There are unique wedding vehicles you can rent. But make sure to book ahead of time.

Purchase Attire

Finding the perfect attire for the wedding can be daunting. Of course, you’d like to be at your best on your big day. Get ideas from different sources online. And if you really can’t decide, ask help from a professional wedding consultant. See to it that you know your wedding theme’s first so your attire will match to it as well as your bridesmaid, etc.

Get a Marriage License

One of the most vital tasks in preparing your wedding is getting a marriage license, so you and your partner can get married legally. Get it in advance but take note of the expiry date.

Prepare the Best Food and Drink Selection

Make your wedding day memorable for you and your guests by preparing the best food and beverages. And you can make it possible by hiring a reliable catering service.

Plan for your wedding and make it a day to remember by following these tips.

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