New Year, New You…The Right Way

New Year resolutions are way too common…and unfortunately not very successful. But if you’re determined to do a “new year; new you” this year, you need to do it the right way…

A Promise to Treat Yourself Right

One of the best things you can ever do for yourself, be it that it’s at the beginning of a year, or even when starting a new chapter of your life, is reminding yourself firmly and unquestionably that you are as important as everyone else in your life. You need to stop treating yourself badly if you want others to do the same. View yourself as a beautiful and intelligent person, remind yourself of the talents you have. Make a promise to yourself that you will start prioritizing yourself from now on, and that you will be treating yourself the way you really should; with respect and love.

Cutting out The Negativity

Cut out every form of negativity in your life. We understand that sometimes, negativity doesn’t start from you, but from those around you. To identify these negative and toxic individuals, carefully monitor how you feel around people. If you naturally dread being around someone, if you always try harder around someone in almost a panicked way, or if you always feel bad about yourself after being in the company of someone, understand that these feelings are all warning signs. Their toxic words and ideas may only be words, but their sharpness and bitterness can stay with you, and affect you mentally. Despite how hard it is to do so, you definitely need to find a way to cut them out of your life, or at the very least, reduce the amount of time you spend in their company.

A Few Occasional Indulgences Won’t Spoil You

Life without control is definitely chaotic. Living without budgeting yourself is like giving yourself permission to make your future harder. However, life is meant to be lived, and in order to do so, you should actually live in the moment, and not just save for the future. Allow your “new you” a little indulgence; like spending a little extra on something you badly want¾but don’t need.  If you want to take yourself on a cruise, do so. If you want to buy designer dresses online, go ahead. You’ve earned these occasional indulgences.

Head Held High, and Self Confidence in Place

The time for being a self-confident person is here. If you’ve never held yourself in high regards, if you’ve never told yourself to walk with your head held high, it’s time to do so now. You cannot have a “new you”, if you are still going to be the same you who felt lacking. Identify what is making you feel less confident, and work to get rid of these traits. If it is something you cannot possibly change, learn to accept it. Once you have accepted it, nobody else can make you feel bad about it.

Health First; Always

Tell your new self that health is always going to come first. If this means you’ll have to reduce your alcohol intake, or sleep early or even wake up earlier to work out; you’ll just have to do it. Learn to cook at least a few basics recipes so you need not eat out often. Once you prioritize your sleep and keep yourself well hydrated, along with the above, you will find that the new you is actually a much better you…

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