Planning The Perfect Bridal Shower

Planning a bridal shower is a daunting task. The expected list of invitees would not be too long and the list would include those that are the closest to the bride to be. The ambiance held during the event would be one that is light and easy-going, no stress involved. As long as you look into a few areas which would need your attention when planning a bridal shower, the rest would be a piece of cake. Here are a few such areas.

Choose A Location

Deciding where you are hosting your party would be the first step you need to take. The size of your bridal party would help you to decide on an appropriate location for your bridal shower. You will need to make sure that you are able to accommodate all of the invitees comfortably regardless of the place you are looking to have the party at. You will want to consider the options of having it as a backyard party or a garden party with a choice of finger food, or even one held at the bride to be’s house.

Decide On A Budget And A Theme

Depending on where you are planning to host your party, draw up a budget along with a list of potential invitees. Double check the guest list with the bride to be and make sure that no one is left out. According to the decided number on your guest list, you would need to print invitations or settle for e-invites according to the theme decided on, or save the date cards informing the invitees of the event and where it would be held.

Choose the theme of the bridal shower in its appropriate colors. Choose a bright, neutral color in order to theme your party with. Come up with door gifts that fall in line with the theme of the party like choosing items for the bride-to-be from online lingerie store for instance. Decide on the games and other fun activities to be organized. You can use customized door gifts.

Organize The Food

Once you have made your booking with the appropriate location, it is important that you now turn your focus to the menu. There is no need for a fancy menu. A simple buffet of finger food would do just fine. Make sure that all bases are covered when ordering your food. Ensure that you include vegan, fish and meat options. Other than that arranging the food is not a hassle at all.

Set Up For The Event

Setting up for the event would mean hanging a banner or two or decorating lightly, all while keeping the theme of the party in mind. And finally, you would have to get ready to welcome the guests and make certain that the bride to be is comfortable right throughout the party and is having a good time.

Looking into these areas would help you make sure that all areas of concern are given appropriate consideration and handled appropriately.

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