The Easy Guide to Choosing Designer Dresses for Your Daughter’s Wedding Day

There used to be a time when the mother-of-the-bride (or MOB) wore frumpy dresses in pastels or shades of beige. However, this tradition is now in the past. Today, there are so many styles and shades to choose from. Here is a quick guide to finding that fabulous MOB for this special event.

Let Your Daughter Guide You

You need to follow your daughter’s theme for her wedding day. Be observant of cues, formality, colour, and style. The groom and bride set the theme for their day. It could be a rusting garden wedding or a formal black-tie event. As a vital member of the entourage, it might be best to complement the tone set for the wedding. It is easier if you follow what your daughter has to say for the event.

You Don’t Have To Necessarily Match the Entourage

But you should take cues from the wedding party. The standard is to choose colours that complement the bride’s dress.  However, it might be best to wait it out until your daughter has already chosen the bridesmaids’ dresses. From here, you can ask for a swatch to compare the dress you’ll be shopping for.

If your daughter opts to go for uniform dresses instead of individual ones of a similar shade and then go for matching or complementing colours. If her bridesmaids wear something purple, choosing a yellow shade might be a good option. Or if she opted for navy blue, going for a cobalt blue dress would be a suitable choice.


While you can wear (technically) whatever you want, you may want to consider as to where the wedding is going to be held. A church wedding may warrant formal attire but it would be uncomfortable at a beach wedding. However, wearing a strapless dress can be suitable for a beach wedding. With the same outfit, adding some beautiful wrap or formal jacket may be suitable for a formal church wedding as well.

Start Early

According to wedding organizers, hunting for the MOB dress should be done at least three months prior to the wedding day. You can purchase designer mother of the bride dresses from reliable online shops. There are already pre-made dresses that are elegant, fashionable, and just right on the budget.

However, if this is not your cup of tea, you may want to look into traditional gown shops for your dress. When you want a tailored-fit dress, you need to have it done earlier so you will still have time for any alterations later on.

Looking Pretty

There are no special rules when it comes to hair and make-up for the MOB and groom’s mother. However, always think about the appropriateness and elegance of the event. Get a fresh manicure and pedicure a day prior. You can have your hair and make-up done with the bridal party or have it separately.

Too many times mothers overlooked themselves on this special milestone of their lives. It is a day to celebrate—and so do you!

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