Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Aerial Photos

No matter where you are using your aerial photography skills, the competition is tough. There are strict competitors and if you need to stand out, you have to be unique and able to offer possible future clients with original photos and creative shots.

Using the best equipment, timing your shoot, planning ahead and consulting with the weather forecast are some of the basic tips and tricks you could follow to improve your aerial photos.

Choose The Best Equipment

As a good photographer, it should not matter that much what equipment you use, although it would definitely help if you are using the best equipment. As an aerial photographer using the best equipment is necessary. You should use a drone that does not hinder the view for your camera lens.

Use telephoto lenses and wide-angle lenses to ensure that you are able to capture your subjects, especially if you are an aerial photographer that specializes and focuses on landscape. If you are also taking aerial photos for marketing purposes, making sure that your photos are of the highest definition would increase the possibility of you gaining more clients.

Time Your Shoot

Aerial photography is a bit tricky since your camera is “closer” to the sun as its source of light compared to when you are taking photos on the ground. The time of day not only affect the harshness and softness of the sun’s rays, it also changes direction which might directly or indirectly affect your photo.

Plan Ahead

No one gets good overnight. You have to practice and hone your skills. Planning ahead is also advisable, especially if you are shooting for an event. If you are a wedding or an event aerial photographer, visiting the venue beforehand could help you plan your shoot because during the event itself, you’d be under time constraints and most of the guests would want to say their congratulations to the newlyweds.

Shooting aerial photos for marketing would also require an initial visit especially if your client hired you to take photos of their estate and or properties they need to sell or rent out. If you are out of ideas on how you could compose your subject, visit for inspiration.

Be Concerned About The Weather

Of course, you would be flying your equipment which does not come cheap. You would not want the wind or other weather elements to damage your gear. Consulting and checking the weather before you plan your photoshoot is ideal. Make sure also to check if there are any restricted zones where drones are not allowed to fly.

During the shoot, still check the forecast every once in a while since the weather might abruptly change without you knowing. If it is forecasted that the weather would be gloomy in the afternoon, adhere to these predictions and do not attempt to fly if it is not advised.

Following these simple and basic suggestions could help improve your aerial shots. Looking at other photos and or scouting for new locations via Google maps could also give you a fresh perspective on how you could conceive your photos.

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