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Tips On Redoing Your Style And Wardrobe

Have you reached a new chapter in your life where you will be off doing something new and exciting like maybe going off to college or starting a new job or anything else that is exciting at all? If you have, then you are also very familiar with the feeling of wanting to give yourself a whole new look and completely revamp your wardrobe, adopt a new style. We all know that our choice of clothing can really have an effect on how we feel. Let’s say you are moving out from your parent’s house and into a college dorm. You most certainly do not want to carry all your old high school clothes to be worn at those dorms now, would you? Just as you are starting a new chapter of your life, a new wardrobe with a whole new set of clothes would ideally suit the new changes that are on the way in our life. To fully embrace the whole new wardrobe, new look thing, you might assume that it will cost a lot. Naturally having to buy a whole bunch of clothes does sound a bit expensive, but luckily it doesn’t have to be and there are a few ways around that. Here’s how:

Stick To The Basics

This is probably a very easy way to make a change yet not have to change too much or spend an exorbitant amount of money. Make sure you have a solid collection of basic clothing items that you can always mix and match with a variety of other clothes. Make sure to have T-shirts with no prints like the classic white T-shirt or the classic black t-shirt. A nice dress for party occasions is crucial. You can try looking for one at affordable places like Anthea Crawford’s dresses online or at their shop. Make sure to have your everyday sneakers, a pair of timeless heels, maybe stilettos. Always make sure you have a comfortable pair of jeans, this could be an old pair from your high school days, but doesn’t really matter as long as you mix and match with some new stuff.

Having a good pair of boots for those rainy cold days is also a super good thing. Once you have got your basics sorted, then you can start adding in some new unique pieces to your wardrobe to really liven up the place.

Get Rid Of Clutter But Not Every Single Thing

Decluttering is a crucial step of any revamping situation, whether it be your wardrobe, your house, your kitchen or even your garage. You have to get rid of all the clutter and make space in order to have the new stuff come in. The thing about decluttering is that often we just get rid of every single thing, but this shouldn’t be done when it comes to your wardrobe. Keep the items of clothing that are truly irreplaceable like those comfy jeans and that perfect with everything jacket. Get rid of the items that you know you won’t wear again or have been worn way too many times.

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