Top Tips for Prepping for Music Festivals in Australia

With the turn of the new year, some of Australia’s most popular and anticipated music festivals such as Stereosonic, Strawberry Fields and Listen Out will be returning back again, and any veteran festival-goer will tell you that planning for such events early is always the right way of going about it. So, here are the absolute essentials you need to remember when travelling down under.


Since most of these festivals are incredibly popular, finding convenient accommodation becomes tougher and tougher as the date of the event nears. So, booking a place suitable to your needs should be at the top on your things to-do. Renting a B&B type of accommodation is your cheapest and most reliable option as it allows you the flexibility of having your meals in-house or opting for street food outdoors and since you will most likely be camping at the festival, this would be the most appropriate. You could also look into renting a Campervan if you want to have the added convenience of having a movable home while you party away. It may not be as cheap as a B&B but sure is a lot more adventurous!


Whether you intend on staying just for the festival or you want to stay longer and explore the country, it is always useful to secure private airport transfers Melbourne to make sure you have a safe and stress-free method of transport from the airport to your accommodation. It is always worth checking up on how the local public transport functions and if it would be convenient enough for you to use it to go to and from your place of stay to the festival, especially if you intend on camping out at the festival venue. Most opt for cheap options like renting a scooter which allows you to travel relatively easy at your own convenience.

Pack Appropriately

Aussie weather can be incredibly hard to predict so make sure to pack efficiently so that you are prepared for any weather that comes your way. A good quality, waterproof tent should be your top priority if you have the intension of camping on-site since the skies could open up at any time, even during the summer! Along with a water-proof tent, try to have a raincoat or umbrella so you are not caught out outside in the downpour. In contrast, Australia can also be unforgivingly hot and sunny in the summer so we recommend you pack up as much sun-screen as you possibly can since the sun is fully capable of burning you to a crisp. Keep a good amount of water bottles handy as well so that you do not become dehydrated because that would seriously be a real damper on your festival experience. You can also check up on any portable travel fans online that just might make the difference between “bearably warm” versus “sweltering hot”.

Festivals down under can be some of the best experiences in the world and are truly one of a kind but anything can be ruined by poor planning, so consider these tips and you can have the best festival experience you can hope for!

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