Wedding Day Makeup Tips Every Bride Must Know

The wedding day is one of the most memorable days and everyone wants it to perfect and special. Aside from the venue, catering, decor, music and guest list, makeup is also one factor that needs to be prepared for this big event. As the bride, you’ll be most photographed in this day so it’s important to look your best. There are no spaces for makeup blunders on this special day. Here are some wedding makeup tips from professionals that will surely make you a perfectly stunning bride.

Choose a Professional Makeup Artist

Some brides love to do their makeup by themselves but it won’t hurt if you hire a professional makeup artist to do the job. They are the experts in the field and they can surely help you find a look that suits you best. When choosing a makeup artist, visit a beauty salon near me so it would be easy for them to go to your place for a makeup trial or the actual day.

Consider the Season

One thing to consider when choosing wedding makeup is what season the wedding day falls. For summer brides, use makeup that doesn’t get oily too fast or one that won’t make your face look greasy or shiny after some time. When it’s winter, choose one that adds glow to your skin so it doesn’t look flat or too white.

Choose a Comfortable Lip Colour

Most wedding makeup looks are natural and is done only to bring out the natural beauty of the bride. It would be best if you choose a lip colour that you’re comfortable with so you’ll be confident wearing it. Make sure to pick long lasting lip balm or tint since it needs to hold on for the whole ceremony.

Do a Makeup Trial

Days before your wedding, ask your makeup artist to perform a makeup trial. You get to try on different looks and pick one that you look best with.  If you like how you look, you’ll be more confident as you go on the wedding.

Balance Your Makeup

If you want your eyes more highlighted, opt for subtle makeup for your lips and the overall skin. If you love bold lip colours, go easy on the eyes. This helps create a balanced look on the upper and lower parts of the face.

Carry Products for Retouch

Of course, there will be unknown circumstances when you need to touch up your makeup. Carrying a few products with you during the ceremony makes you ready for that. To get rid of excess oil and shine, carry a few blotting papers. It would also help if you bring a lipstick and face powder.

Drink Up

Staying hydrated before the wedding day preps your skin to look better with makeup. Collagen drinks are becoming popular these days, promising a healthy and glowing skin after drinking. Try having one if you like.

Look your best on your wedding day and make it more memorable and special with those simple makeup advices.

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