Which Fabrics Are Best For Travelling?

If you’ve been on a vacation before, chances are you’ve realized the consequences of packing the wrong types of clothes. Either they don’t hold up, they’re not suited to travelling in hotter countries or those with colder climates- whatever the case may be, packing right can ease your comfort and help you with spacing issues when it comes to your baggage. To help you out, here’s a list of fabrics that are best for travelling and why.

Merino Wool

Topping the list is this fabric since it pretty much has all the qualities a traveller should and would look for. Not like your typical wool, the fibres in this type of clothing is much finer. It has thermal regulating properties, which essentially means you can stay cooler in the heat and warmer in the cold. Plus, it also acts as a material that wicks moisture (moves sweat to the outer surface) making it great to wear when doing something more active as well. To round off its advantages, merino wool doesn’t really wrinkle as easily. This is always something travellers need to keep an eye out for since no one really wants to do ironing on their vacation. Keep your eyes peeled for a merino wool thermals sale Australia as this should be on every traveller’s list.

Nylon and Polyester

Many people’s travel clothing is already made out of these fabrics. On the advantageous side, these clothes wick moisture and dry easily (even, overnight). They’re also pretty lightweight and similarly to Merino wool, do not wrinkle easily. However, they do tend to be less comfortable in comparison and also smell easily.


Cotton is another favourite amongst most. You’ll hardly find a single person who doesn’t own a cotton item of clothing. They’re light, extremely breathable and comfortable too. They tick off all the right boxes but unfortunately, they do not wick moisture. So if you’re in hot a place and in a cotton shirt, chances are you’ll start feeling a little uncomfortable. Adding to this, they unfortunately wrinkle easily and take time to dry.


This is a material quite similar to cotton but less expensive and more resistant to wrinkles. It’s a good conductor of heat so it’s ideal if you’re going to hot climates.

Linen and Silk

Comfortable, lightweight, breathable and take up the least amount of space. But if there’s one thing these fabrics are notoriously known for, it’s their ability to wrinkle. Chances are, even with an iron in hand, it will take some time to even out. So this probably isn’t the most ideal of travel fabrics on the list.


Denim is probably top on the list of things you want to avoid wearing when travelling to hot climates but is perfect for colder climates- plus, you can wear it without washing for quite a good time!

And there you have it! These are just a few fabrics that should give you an insight on what to pack next time for that tropical vacation.

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