Why You Should Celebrate your Bachelorette Party at a Dance Studio

A day of makeover at the salon or a spa followed by a night of drinking at the bar to celebrate your impending marriage with your best girls is a bit cliché. Nothing wrong with that but if you want it to be truly memorable, unique and productive why not spend it at a dance studio?


You might think you’ve got two left feet and some of your girlfriends are uncoordinated with not one iota of rhythm in their bodies. Well, all the more reason to sweat it at the studio by swinging those hips and tapping those feet. And hey if you managed to survive the class (and your instructor) you and your bridesmaid could even surprise your groom and the guests at the reception with a dance number.


Aside from the spectacular dance number, there are a few reasons why you should pick up the phone and call your nearest dance studio for a class.

It Would Be a Different Way for You to Bond with Your Bridesmaids

Chances are your bridesmaids are an eclectic mix of family and friends that might not be close with one another. It might dampen the mood if two of them began to have sort of rivalry on who is closest to you (cue in opening song for the movie the Bridesmaids). If you spend a day in a dance studio hopefully this rivalry would be settled in a friendly dance off competition. Still unconvinced? Search for dance classes Brunswick and you will find dance studios that could book you a trial class.

You Could Learn Some Sexy Moves for the Honeymoon Night

Surprise your new husband with sultry moves on your honeymoon night. Perhaps he would see the advantage of enrolling in couple dance classes and you could spend an evening a week learning the sensual moves of tango, an activity for your date night that would definitely add spice to your married life.

It Could Help You Release Stress

Planning a wedding is stressful. You want everything to be perfect and you don’t want even the littlest issue to be overlooked. Days before the wedding and you must have been lashing at everyone, particularly your maid of honour who is at your beck and call. Release some steam by dancing to your favourite song and invite your MOH. It is also a way for you to get back at her good graces. After all who would help you wipe those tear-stained eyes under your veil and would hold your dress up when you pee?

Dancing Makes You Feel Happy

You know why people drink alcohol? Because of the buzz that makes everything seems funny. But the downside is the excruciating hangover the morning after which is what you and your posse of girlfriends will experience if you spend your bachelorette party clubbing and drinking. You could still experience that high without a headache and queasy stomach (although some sore muscles are to be expected) if you opt to spend your last night as a Ms. in a dance studio. Dancing stimulates us physically and emotionally. When we dance we release tons of endorphins making us feel uncomplicatedly blissful. And when best to have this bliss? Right before saying I do, you could face the next chapter of your life in a positive glow.


Dancing is not something to do because you are good at it. Dancing is what makes us feel in touch with our emotions and in tune with our mental health and is one of the ways to beat the stress of getting married.

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