Why You Should Shop Like A Man To Save Money

Women love shopping. Men hate it. There is no doubt about that. Thus, it is no longer surprising to witness two extreme purchasing behaviors between these two sexes. However, a theory has emerged that a clothing store has been intentionally designed to display the clothes of different sizes, colors, and designs for women to be overwhelmed in a good way. Since they feast their eyes on these sights, it motivates them to look into each of the displayed clothing. This is in great opposition to men who just want to get into the clothes that they want to purchase. Although men act in a straightforward manner, it is in this approach that they can manage to save a lot from wardrobe essentials. Below are some of the tactics that you should keep in mind to employ men’s highly disciplined and focused shopping manner.


Before going out shopping, you should know which type of clothing designs you like. This largely depends on your style, your environment, and your job. Although wardrobe is highly customizable pieces for women, men believe that a wardrobe must offer versatility. Hence, it is essential to stick to plain neutral colors such as black, white, gray, tan, or navy – that can go with any other clothing pieces. Through this, you do not need to stock items of different colors that may be unnecessary most of the time.


Another pointer to keep in mind before going out shopping is to keep a list. You need to list down everything that you intend to buy. This list will serve as your maximum limit, wherein you cannot buy anything that is not in the list. Also, the items in your list must be specifically stated. The “new business casual clothes” is not a good item to put into the list. It should be “3 pieces of white blouses and 2 pairs of dark denim pants”. Apparently, this crucial list is something that women forget to do. More often, they just go out there, splurge, and take home pretty much everything that they can carry.  


The advent of technology made it possible for people to shop with just a few clicks. While men usually prefer this tactic, some women prefer to stick to the traditional way of browsing through the mall shelves. However, that’s exactly the thing that makes it wrong – personally browsing the stores make you buy more. If you shop over the internet, you have somewhat limited choices since you don’t see everything. Men use this alternative to save effort and money. So ladies, go ahead and harness the power of technology by purchasing the fable online.


Set the specific time and date for your shopping date. This will remind you that your shopping day is limited to a certain timeslot. For instance, you set it at once every quarter. Think of the items that you should purchase then jot them down on your list. Once you have identified everything, make a quarterly trip to the shopping mall. Stick to your list, and once it’s over, you should proceed home. If in case you forgot to buy something, save it for your next quarterly shopping visit.

Shopping isn’t a bad thing, however, there are instances when it must to be regulated to save you from yourself. Ladies, it is best for you to adopt a man’s way of shopping to save energy and cash.

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