Winter Wedding Outfit Ideas That Never Go Out of Style

While most people love summer and spring weddings, winter is also a great season for this special event. Of course, you can’t avoid the occasional rain plus a cold and damp weather condition that’s why dressing up for a winter wedding is a little bit different. Whether you’re the bride’s friend, relative or just a regular guest, here are some great ideas on how to dress up for a wedding while also keeping yourself warm. You need to look the part though – it’s still a wedding after all.

Summer Dress and a Winter Jacket

Covering up is important to keep yourself warm and comfortable during these cold days. Dressing is layers are a great idea when attending a winter wedding. You can keep your jacket on if it’s too cold and simply remove it when you feel warm enough. You can still wear your favourite summer or spring dress during winter. If you’re looking for something new, shop for stylish dresses at Catwalk Connection. Just couple it with a jacket to keep you warm. Make sure that the colours of your dress and jacket complement each other for a perfect outfit.

Winter Frock

Winter frocks are perfect go-to outfits for wedding guests. The long sleeves are perfect to keep your arms warm so you don’t have to wear a jacket anymore. The longer the hemline is the warmer and more comfortable it is to wear during chilly days. Floral prints are popular for weddings but you may also opt for other colours except white, black and grey.

Pant Suit

Pant suits are a popular outfit trend today and it can be worn on almost any formal occasion or even going to the office. You can actually wear a pant suit to a winter wedding. To look great, try matching up the colours of your pants and blazer. Be creative and experiment with colours and prints so you don’t look too corporate.


Running out of wedding outfit ideas? Simply throw on a jumpsuit and you’re good to go. Jumpsuits for weddings are more formal-looking than regular ones. There are plenty of elegant styles to choose from such as bell sleeves, flared pants, or a more structured design if you don’t prefer the flowy ones. It’s easy to distinguish wedding-appropriate jumpsuits. If you can wear it to the beach or on a casual event then it’s not formal enough for a wedding.

Clothes to Avoid

Weddings are unique and special in their own way. Different weddings have different dress codes which you should mainly consider when choosing your outfit. However, no matter what the dress code is, there are some clothes that you should avoid wearing on any wedding.

Never wear denim to a wedding, even if it’s just a jacket. They are too casual and don’t fit that special day. If you can’t wear strappy stilettos, then close-toed shoes are your next best option. Never wear black, grey and other similar colours. Lastly, never ever wear white because this is the bride’s colour.

With these ideas, looking for a winter wedding outfit is not a hassle anymore.

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